Angel Youth Workers Experienced Huge Workload During Pandemic

Youth workers in and around Angel and Islington say they saw a huge surge in young people experiencing mental health challenges during the pandemic. Chris Mozo and Mitchelle Greenaway, the co-founders of Jigsaw-GC say they often had to work seven days a week during the pandemic, sometimes for f in order to provide young people in Angel and Islington with the support they required.

Are kids spending too much time online?

Although a great deal of the work carried out by Mozo and Greenaway was carried out online due to lockdown restrictions, they had big concerns about the amount of time young people were spending on devices like laptops and tablets. They were also worried about the kind of things children aged around nine or ten could be accessing on phones and laptops, saying many kids are able to “operate phones or laptops better than their parents” and “take off adult locks”.

Mozo is also concerned about children becoming increasingly desensitised to violence due to the content they have viewed online. Jigsaw-GC was launched a couple of years ago. The organisation has helped many young people to avoid entering a life of crime, guiding them towards more positive opportunities.

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