Brighton marathon man raising money for suicide charity

A man is to run 21 ultra marathons to raise money for a suicide charity. Matt Bagwell, 52, is running 1,050km across England during September to raise cash for the mental health charity Calm. Matt almost took his own life twice in the past, but sought out help and improved his mental well-being via running and breathing exercises.

Brighton marathon man raising money for suicide charity

A “different path”

125 people take their own lives each week in the UK, with 75% of these being men. He said he decided to undertake the challenge due to his own struggles with mental health. He told reporters that he “chose a different path” for “for love, for family, for a tiny glimmer of hope”. Matt hopes that the challenge will allow him to share hope and raise money for the mental health specialists that save lives each day.

Matt’s event is called ‘Run the Country Ultra’ and aims to raise £100,000 whilst generating more awareness around mental health. The event got underway in Cornwall on the 5th September. It will come to an end in London on the 5th October. Matt saved a man’s life on Brighton beach earlier this year, pulling him out of the water and calling the emergency services.

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