Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic discusses mental health challenges

Chelsea star Christian Pulisic recently opened up about the mental health battles that came after he lost his grandfather Mate. Pulisic told reporters that he looked for help after initially feeling ‘too tough’ to speak to a mental health professional.

Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic discusses mental health challenges

“To speak up feels strong”

The winger and attacking midfielder eventually confronted his feelings during lockdown last year. He told the Mail that it took some time for him to realise that “to speak up feels strong”. Pulisic said his mental health problems started to build up whilst he was living alone and everything was “closed up”. He eventually decided to reach out to a therapist, saying nobody should ever feel ashamed for doing so. He said staff working at Chelsea and his national team, the USA, steered him “in the right direction. Pulisic later got a tattoo of his chess-loving grandfather’s name and a chess piece.

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