Comedian Matty May to explore mental health at Camden shows

Matty May is to bring his solo show If You Love Me This Might Hurt back to Camden People’s Theatre. The show explores topics like mental health, sexuality, the trauma inflicted by some men and the magic of having a supportive grandmother. Queer comic Matty, who has attempted to kill himself three times hails from Barking and welcomes his audience to come and go during the performance as much as they like. The show has been designed to offer a safe space for audience and is built around themes including care and connection.

Comedian Matty May to explore mental health at Camden shows

About the show

Although there has more discussion around mental health in the media over recent years, it can feel that the changes needed to improve emotional well-being in society are not being made. The show explores this problem and talks about the importance of prioritising mental health. Matty has also been the lead artist on productions including Bleeps and Bloops and The Queer Wall. He is also the Associate Director of Scottee & Friends. The show has been described as ‘common as muck, sometimes funny and often anxious’. It was originally performed at the theatre in 2019 and is now returning for a further run. It features several references to depression and suicide. The show runs from the 19th – 30th October.

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