Finsbury home to suicide prevention centre

Although there was no clear spike in suicides during the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns, experts still fear the threat of pandemic-related suicides remains. One facility aiming to support people considering taking their own lives is Maytree in Finsbury. The facility is described as the UK’s “only residential respite centre for people who are considering taking their own lives”.

Finsbury home to suicide prevention centre

No lives lost at the centre

Maytree co-ordinator John Mason says the centre is a “haven” that allows people to take a break from their lives and talk about how they feel. People experiencing suicidal thoughts are permitted to stay for up to four days, receive counselling and gain access to healthy meals. The house has been open for almost 20 years, and nobody has ever passed away whilst staying in it. Maytree’s outreach officer Sadia Ahmad said the organisation’s primary aim was to “prevent loss of life”. Maytree believe that people are more likely to seek help if they feel able to talk about their suicidal thoughts and therefore less likely to act on them.

New spike fears

6,000 people take their own lives in the UK each year. There were big concerns that a spike would occur during the pandemic, but this never materialised. However, social scientists are warning that numbers could rise in the future, especially if an economic downturn occurs.

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