Get real support from an experienced counsellor in Edinburgh

There is no shame in seeking mental health support when you need it, so use Click Counsellor to find a suitable talking therapist in Edinburgh if you could use a little help. Over recent years, there has been much more talk about the importance of good mental health in the media. More and more people are realising that looking for help with problems like depression and anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of. You can receive quality counselling in Edinburgh via various methods, and these include telephone counselling, online counselling and face-to-face in-person counselling.

Get real support from an experienced counsellor in Edinburgh

What happens when I start speaking to a counsellor in Edinburgh?

When you first start talking to a counsellor in Edinburgh, you’ll get the chance to let your potential therapist know what’s on your mind and the kind of counselling you’re looking for. If your counsellor feels they can help you and you want to go ahead, you can book your first appointment with them. There are no limits to how many counsellors you can approach on Click Counsellor. Once you have agreed to go ahead, your talking therapist in Edinburgh can draw up a bespoke treatment plan that’s based around your specific needs and circumstances. What’s right for one person isn’t always a fantastic match for someone else, which is why the bespoke approach is often essential.

What other names does Edinburgh counselling go by?

Counselling is referred to by many names. Some call it ‘psychological therapy’, whilst others label it ‘talking therapy’. The aim of counselling is always the same whatever you want to call it and this is to make you feel better. You can speak to a counsellor for various reasons. Some people talk to counsellors because painful memories are compromising their quality of life, though you can also talk to a therapist if something happening right now is troubling you. Click Counsellor can help you if you’re in need of addiction counselling, relationship counselling, bereavement counselling or various other forms of therapy. If you need to find a counsellor near me today, we are here to help.

Can I speak to my loved ones instead of a therapist?

There’s no doubt talking to people close to you can be helpful when you are feeling low or anxious. However, it’s important to remember that counsellors have spent many years being trained to help people like you, and your friends or family members may not have these skills. They may also be too involved in your situation to provide this standard of support and may be unable to provide a fresh, objective and unbiased perspective. Your Edinburgh counsellor can also introduce you to special coping techniques that can help you gain more contentment from your day-to-day and help you keep negative thinking at bay.

How can I use Click Counsellor?

Our service is so easy to use when you want to connect with a talking therapist in Edinburgh. Once you arrive on our site, you can complete the short form to get the wheels in motion. Simply let us know a few details such as where you are and the kind of counselling you need. We will then generate a list of suitable counsellors that match your requirements. Once your sessions get underway, you’ll get the chance to express yourself in a variety of ways. You’ll be able to shout, cry, scream or even just sit and think. Your counsellor will ensure you feel listened to and will pay close attention to everything you tell them.

Will I be able to come off medication when my therapy begins?

If you are taking medication for problems like anxiety or depression, you should never stop taking it without guidance from your doctor. If you do come off your medication abruptly or without approval from your doctor, you could experience a range of unpleasant side effects, and your mental health could worsen. If you are considering stopping or tapering off your medication once your therapy gets underway, tell your doctor so they can help you come off it safely if they feel you are ready to cease taking it. Some people use talking therapy because they need mental health support but are worried about the side effects and dependence risks associated with medication.

Can I avoid waiting lists by using Click Counsellor?

Yes. One of the most common reasons for using Click Counsellor to source therapy is that we can help you arrange counselling within days rather than months. If you have been told you need to wait to speak to someone elsewhere, we can help you get something in place so you don’t need to go without support for months when you need it right now. You may also get much more choice over which therapist you speak to when you opt for our Edinburgh counselling services.

Do I need to speak to my Edinburgh counsellor in person?

No. We give you the chance to speak to counsellors in Edinburgh online and over the phone as well as face-to-face. Although some people feel more comfortable speaking face-to-face, many people feel more able to open up online and over the phone. Telephone and online counselling may also be right for you if you can’t easily get to your counsellor’s office in the daytime, or if you live in a remote area and don’t have time to travel. Today’s technology means you can even receive counselling you’re your usual therapist when you are away from home or in another country, as long as you have a quality internet connection.

Physical illnesses and mental health

The mind and body are closely linked. If you are suffering from a physical illness, this can have a big impact on your mental health. You may also start to experience anxiety and depression if you are caring for or have lost someone with a physical illness. If you are feeling anxious or low due to a physical illness or bereavement, counsellors may be able to help you with this.

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