Gordon Ramsey praises daughter’s strength after sexual assault

Chef Gordon Ramsey has praised his daughter for her strength after she was sexually assaulted and faced a battle with PTSD. His daughter Holly experienced anxiety and depression following the incident, which happened when she was 18.

Gordon Ramsey praises daughter’s strength after sexual assault

“A healing process”

Ramsey said his daughter went through a “very difficult time” after the assault, which happened when she studied fashion design at the Ravensbourne University in London. He said she was now in “an amazing position” now she “has dealt with those issues”. Ramsey said the pandemic has given his family the opportunity to spend some quality time together so they could understand what Holly had been through. Although the chef said she is “absolutely fine now”, he did say she had to undergo “a healing process”.

Holly spoke about the assault on her podcast 21 & Over, which deals with mental health issues. She said she spent time at a private mental health centre in Marylebone after the assault after a period of “not enjoying myself at all” during her studies. She was diagnosed with PTSS, anxiety and depression at the facility but says the experience has brought her closer to her family “in many ways”. She is now receiving therapy up to three times a week. Holly hopes talking about her experiences will help change public attitudes towards mental health for the better.

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