Labour MP receives racist abuse

Labour MP for Tooting Rosena Allin-Khan has taken to Twitter after having racist abuse “hurled at her” last weekend. Allin-Khan, who is also an A&E doctor used Twitter to inform the culprit that their “views are harmful”. Allin-Khan is the Shadow Cabinet Minister for Mental Health. She became MP for Tooting in 2016.

A man “who got out of his car” to help during the incident was thanked by Allin-Khan, who said this showed the man that “bigoted views are not welcome” in Tooting. She also reminded the public to report hate crime if they witness or experience it.

Labour MP receives racist abuse

How to report racist abuse

The tweet was quoted by Wandsworth Police, who used it to remind locals that racial abuse is “never acceptable” and that reports will always be taken seriously by the force. Tooting residents can report hate crime by calling 101, visiting their local police station or by informing the police online.

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