New Covent Garden restaurant donating to mental health charity

A new Covent Garden restaurant showcasing Scottish chef’s Mark Greenaway is donating to a charity helping culinary professionals with their mental health. Pivot is Greenaway’s first London restaurant and opened on the 14th October.

New Covent Garden restaurant donating to mental health charity

The restaurant is located in a five-storey townhouse on Henrietta Street and has the capacity for 30 guests. It offers picturesque views of Covent Garden’s famous piazza and is to showcase dishes based around Greenaway’s heritage and formative years. Proceeds from two of the countertop seats are being donated to Burnt Chef for the first two months. Burnt Chef is a charity aiming to promote positive mental health in the hospitality sector. The restaurant takes its name from the way the menu is set to ‘pivot’ each month.

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