Norwich home workers experiencing anxiety and depression

Earlier this year, the BBC spoke to a series of Norwich home workers about the psychological effects of doing their duties from home. Whilst some of the respondents preferred to carry out their work from home, many said they would much rather be back in the office. Several of the people surveyed said they were experiencing feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Norwich home workers experiencing anxiety and depression

“I just needed to see some people”

A claims handler called Freddie Connelly said homeworking made it hard for him to cope and he was “so grateful” to be amongst the first invited back to the office. Describing himself as a “chatterer”, he said he “just needed to see people”, and that he returned to the office as soon as he could. He had moved to Norwich from London just before the first lockdown. This meant he had no opportunity to make friends. With his partner working at a local Starbucks, he was left alone for most of the day and said homeworking “compounded” his loneliness. He was later diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder. Since he returned to the office, Freddie says he feels “100% happier”.

“A chance to get out of the house”

Another Norwich worker, Deborah Sacks, has been working at home for over ten years but uses flexible shared office space on a regular basis. She says using a shared office gives her “a chance to get out of the house” to a place where she “can really focus, can’t do the housework or get another snack”. She said it was “important to meet other human beings” outside of someone’s immediate family and get “a change of scenery”.

How Click Counsellor can help

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Don’t go it alone

There is no need to keep your problems to yourself if loneliness linked to home working is affecting you. Our Norwich counsellors have years of experience in this field and can give you the opportunity to talk about your feelings and help you overcome any negative emotions you’re challenged with. It’s best to act as soon as possible if you are feeling this way, so why not connect with a qualified counsellor near me today?

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