Nottingham councillor discusses mental health challenges

Nottingham councillor Scott Carlton has recently spoken about his mental health battles to mark World Suicide Awareness Day, which took place on the 10th September.

Scott Carlton represents Edwinstowe and Clipstone and is also Vice Chair of Adult Social Care and Health Committee at Newark and Sherwood District Council. He shared his story in the hope of helping others also struggling with their mental well-being.

Nottingham councillor discusses mental health challenges

“There is a way out of this fog”

Scott said he experienced substantial mental health problems during his early 20s and self-harmed during this period. He said he wanted to let others know that “there is a way out of this fog”. He said his problems began after a painful relationship break-up but didn’t tell anyone about his struggles for around a year. Although he knew mental health services were available, he was hesitant to use them due to the stigmas attached to men admitting to needing help. A close friend did ask him if he wanted to talk about his problems but he instead “put the barriers up” and told her he was fine.

Between 2017 and 2019, 199 deaths by suicide occurred in Nottinghamshire, with 99 occuring in Nottingham City. Scott said his problems eventually became public when he “broke down during a lecture in front of 50 people”. He then got support from a person working in Derby University’s multi-faith chaplaincy team. Although he found it hard to talk initially, he was taught to focus on hope and imagine a small candle growing bigger as he moved closer to it. He says he continues to use this technique.

Find help if you need it

Scott is urging others to find someone that they can speak to, whether this is a friend, family member or a mental health professional and to never “think that you are on your own”. He also encourages others to offer help if they suspect someone requires it.

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