Pandemic Hit Those With Existing Mental Health Problems Harder?

Researchers studying depression in Glasgow say those that had higher levels of anxiety or depression before the pandemic were more severely affected by it. The study said the disruption around employment and healthcare had a bigger impact on people who already had mental health problems. The research was co-led by professionals at the University of Glasgow.

Problems faced by people already experiencing depression and anxiety

The study was funded by UKRI and published in the The British Journal of Psychiatry. Almost 59,500 people were surveyed as part of the study. People whose responses before the pandemic suggested that they had higher levels of anxiety and depression were found to be 24% more likely to have experienced delays to healthcare procedures and were 12% more likely to lose their jobs. They were also 33% more likely to have had trouble accessing prescriptions and medication during the pandemic than people with typical levels of depression and anxiety.

The long-term impact of the pandemic

There is now increasing pressure to ensure that vulnerable people find it easier to access healthcare and support during these troubled times. There are also worries that those who experienced mental health problems before the pandemic could face worse long-term outcomes after it after facing difficulties sourcing support.

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