The key benefits of online counselling

There are many big advantages to opting for online counselling near me when you require quality talking therapy services. Convenience is one of the main reasons why so many people are receiving their counselling online, but many people simply feel more comfortable talking about their thoughts, feelings and experiences when discussing their problems with their counsellor. At Click Counsellor, we can help you whether you require telephone counselling, online counselling or face-to-face counselling. Read on to learn more about why so many people are choosing online counselling and deciding to speak to qualified and endorsed therapists.

The key benefits of online counselling

Who is online counselling suitable for?

Online counselling may be for you if you are interested in receiving talking therapy but are unable to speak to a counsellor in their office. This could be because you don’t feel comfortable talking about your problems in a face-to-face environment. However, this option is also popular amongst people who want to receive their counselling during the evenings or weekends. It’s also frequently chosen by people who live too far away from their counsellor’s office, such as those who reside in rural areas with limited public transport links. Receiving counselling online means you don’t have to spend time and money on reaching your counsellor, which can be ideal when funds are tight or you are simply too busy to travel. Online counselling can also mean receiving your treatment in the place that you feel the most comfortable and able to open up.

How can I find an online counsellor?

You can gain access to a host of suitable and accredited talking therapists via Click Counsellor. Once you arrive on our site, you will see a form that’s designed to help you find suitable online counsellors within just a few clicks. Simply provide a few details such as your location and the kind of counselling you need so we can generate a list of suitable counsellors. Once you see this list on your screen, you can contact as many talking therapists as you like so you can find one that’s right for you. When you have made your decision, you can arrange your first appointment or consultation with a Click Counsellor talking therapist near me.

What will happen during my first online counselling session?

During your first session, you will be given the chance to introduce yourself to your counsellor. You will be asked to let them know why you have decided to attend counselling and what your aims are. You’ll also be able to expand on the details you have already provided so your counsellor can identify the best way to help you. Your counsellor will draw up a bespoke treatment plan based on what you have told them. This plan will be tailored towards your specific needs and requirements to ensure it’s as effective as possible in terms of addressing your needs. Your counsellor will neither judge you nor tell you what to do. They will use their many years of experience and study in the field of mental health to get you feeling better. It’s likely that they will introduce you to powerful coping strategies and techniques that will help you source more enjoyment from your day-to-day life.

Will there be a long waiting list to join?

No. The beauty of opting for online counselling via Click Counsellor is that you don’t need to wait several months to receive mental health support when you need it right now. In fact, you could be attending your first appointment within just a few days of signing up for the service. Mental health problems need to be attended to as soon as possible when they strike so you can start addressing them and hopefully feeling better quickly. Our service is designed to ensure you don’t have to undergo a long wait to receive treatment.

What forms of online counselling are required the most?

Our counsellor specialise in various areas. These include relationship counselling, addiction counselling and bereavement counselling to name just a few. If you are having problems with your relationship, our therapists may be able to help you even if your partner doesn’t want to attend couples counselling. They can do this by helping you achieve a more positive view of your relationship and enabling you to cope better and remain calm during times of friction. Loneliness and loss are common reasons for seeking out mental health support. Our bereavement counsellors can help you if you have recently lost someone close to you and are struggling to cope with your new situation. Qualified addiction counsellors can also support you if certain substances are compromising your well-being, career and relationships with people close to you.

Can online counsellors help with physical illnesses?

Yes. The mind and body are closely linked. Problems with the latter can cause issues with the former, and vice versa. If you have been diagnosed with a serious illness and this is affecting your mental health, our counsellors are ready to hear from you. Our counsellors can also help if you’ve been caring for someone with a physical health problem and this is impacting on your mental health.

Receive counselling from anywhere

Another great thing about online counselling is that you can receive it from anywhere as long as you have a quality internet connection. This means your treatment doesn’t need to stop when you are away from home. Many people continue speaking to their counsellors when they are away on business, seeing friends and family members in other parts of the country and even holidaying overseas. Gaps in your treatment can cause big problems, so it’s wise to continue receiving help as regularly as you normally would even if you are out of town.

Find a quality endorsed online therapist today

Suitable, qualified online counsellors are waiting to hear from you right now if you are going through problems like depression, anxiety, unwanted thoughts, negative behaviours, phobias and addiction challenges. Why not use our form to find an experienced online counsellor near me today?

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