Why relationship counselling might be right for you

If your relationship is going through a tough patch, counselling could be the ideal solution for improving it and helping you source more enjoyment from it again. Many relationships can become challenging, but even when times are at their most testing you may still be eager to protect yours. At Click Counsellor, we are here to help if you are interested in using relationship counselling to improve your connection with your partner.

Why relationship counselling might be right for you

What is relationship counselling and how effective is it?

Relationship counselling is also known as couples counselling and couples therapy to give just two examples. A professional relationship counsellor can work with you to improve the way that you communicate with your partner and help you deal with conflict in a healthier way. You don’t even need to attend counselling with your partner, although this can be helpful. If your partner doesn’t want to attend counselling with you, your therapist can still help you see your relationship from a better, more positive perspective and teach you conflict resolution techniques that will help you to remain calm during disagreements.

What other benefits does relationship counselling offer?

Counselling for couples is well-known for improving communication between partners, but it can also make them feel more connected to each other and enable them to rediscover intimacy. Life can be very stressful at times, and when more things seem to be going wrong than usual and we find it harder to cope this can harm our relationships. It’s normally best to seek help as soon as you can before problems worsen, but the relationship may be salvageable even if your situation has become severe recently.

How can conflict management techniques save relationships?

Your counsellor can teach you essential conflict management skills that will help you avoid losing your temper during disagreements and make the situation worse. Your relationship is more likely to last if you can communicate with your partner calmly and constructively. Problems with communication can become evident close to the start of a relationship, but some couples find it harder to discuss issues calmly once they have been together for several years. A large number of long-term couples do decide to attend counselling at least once during their relationships.

What are some common reasons for attending counselling?

Many couples decide to seek out help from counsellors because they have found it harder and harder to avoid arguing with each other. Arguments and disputes can occur for many reasons, but they are commonly linked to financial problems, work-related stress, parenting challenges, alcohol misuse and abuse of other substances. Some couples get help from counsellors because they have considering differences in sexual desire, with infidelity being another reason couples talk to therapists when they want to save a relationship.

Relationship counselling and decision-making

Some couples use counselling services because they have reached a crossroads and are having trouble agreeing about major decisions, such as whether to relocate, have a baby and so on. Counselling isn’t just there for couples who are having fiery disagreements – it’s also common for people to talk to relationship counsellors because they have simply encountered a problem they don’t think they can overcome without help from outside.

Disagreements within relationships

Very few couples see eye-to-eye on absolutely every issue. The vast majority of relationships require some degree of compromise if they are to be successful. If a relationship is to be healthy, both partners need to be able to talk about their own needs and concerns, whilst paying close attention to the needs and worries of their other halves. Many relationships fail because one or both partners are failing to do this. Communication breakdown is a common reason for relationships to end, or for couples to seek out counselling to avoid reaching this stage. It may be even harder to call time on your relationship if you have children together, which is why so many couples are at least experimenting with counselling as part of efforts to save their relationships before they give up on them completely.

How will relationship counselling help me and my partner?

Your relationship counsellor will aim to ensure both partner’s feel listened to and respected if you are attending as a couple. They will help you to communicate more effectively with each other and attempt to examine your current communication habits so they can work out which areas you are struggling with. You will be encouraged to be as open and honest as possible during counselling so you can resolve issues of all scales more effectively in future. If the counselling is effective, you should be able to communicate calmly and constructively regardless of how stressful challenges in your relationship become.

Find a relationship counsellor today

At Click Counsellor, we are here to help if you do need to speak to a couples’ counsellor as soon as possible. You can get started by using the form on our website to give details such as your current location and the kind of counselling you require. Counselling can be delivered over the phone, online or face-to-face. Some couples prefer to speak to their counsellors in their office. However, online counselling and telephone counselling can be ideal if you feel more comfortable receiving therapy this way or if you cannot reach your therapist’s office during the daytime.

Use Click Counsellor to identify an accredited talking therapist

Each of the couples’ counsellors in our network is fully endorsed, accredited and experienced enough to help you. Our counsellors have built up many years of experience since they started working in this field and can draw up a unique treatment plan that’s tailored towards your specific needs. What’s right for one couple isn’t always great for another, so a bespoke treatment plan can be highly effective when it comes to getting the right support for your needs. Suitable relationship counsellors near you are ready to hear from you right now, so why not get the wheels in motion and look for a professional couples’ therapist today?

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